I just ran two miles prior to sitting down to write this. An 11 minute pace isn’t awesome, but decent for me. I could have gone father… So what’s the significance of going on a two mile run? For me it’s something I am quite proud of. You see, it was exactly 4 months ago today that I put out my last cigarette after 23 years of smoking. And thats not all I have changed in the past few months, I was an obese smolker. My life has changed substantially – changed for the better. It took me too many years to pull myself together, but I did. Hopefully I can inspire and help you to do the same. ┬áSeriously, email me (link at top of page). It doesn’t matter what your age or situation is, you’re the captain of your own ship and you, and only you, can make the call to turn it around.

There’s a lot I have to offer in, well, basically life, happiness, health, and just a general positive outlook. I have done many blogs before, but I am going to make a commitment right now that I will keep this current with fresh content on a weekly basis for at least one year. Let’s revisit this post on June 17th, 2015 and see where we have come – what do you say?

Adam Brower before and after pic showing me fat then not so fatOh… and not to leave you hanging, here are the other ways I have turned my life around and some ideas where to start for you:

  • Healthy, clean eating avoiding anything that causes inflammation to your digestive system (Paleo only 2 months ago)
  • Fitness. Aside from starting to run, I also joined a small local gym – and I love it (2 and half months ago)
  • Get a Fitbit to keep you honest
  • Beer. I don’t drink it. Listen to me, I was beer’s number one fan – I promise you
  • Sleep. This is going to be a bigger deal than you think

And the results are stunning. This is where it got me,┬áhealthier and happier than I have ever been —–>

We will cover more detail soon.

I look forward to sharing my secrets, changing lives and helping people out.