“Just wait until you’re 40” they always told me, with the notion that certain doom was approaching with the milestone.

Is life over at 40?

I am 40. At least for a few more days. There were a few times when I did think everything would be over at 40, I go more into detail below. But I wrap up 40 as the best year of my life. I am happier, healthier, fitter, and more active than ever. This entire site will be dedicated to how I can help you, through my knowledge, experience, encouragement and inspiration. It took me over 6 months to pull it together after turning 40, and below is how it all started.

Fitbit OneStart Weight: 258 lbs

  • 1/19: Started wearing a Fitbit (became obsessed with the dashboard stats)
  • 1/24: Jogged .25 mile, thought I was going to die, then slowly increased
  • 2/17: Quit smoking
  • 2/22: 10 lbs down
  • 3/21: Ran the Warrior Dash (Feeling more fit, but fat)
  • 3/29: Flew a plane! – CHECK

chart showing 35 pound loss using paleo diet

  • 4/2: Started CrossFit 3x a week
  • 4/17: Started Paleo diet
  • 4/24: 15 lbs down (started flying off from here)
  • 5/19: Ran Spartan Race
  • 5/21: 25 lbs down
  • 6/28: 35 lbs down

Current Weight at 8/1/2014: 213 lbs (-45 lbs)

I remember being in my earlier 30’s and beginning to feel old. I thought life peaked and the only thing to look forward to was simply making it through each day in a sedentary fashion. When I would complain about an aching joint or a hurt back, folks would always reply, “just wait until 40”. That sounded just awful.

I was miserable. A victim of codependency, I was trapped. I was in a bad marriage, in debt to my eye-balls, and an ever lingering anxiety made it virtually impossible to relax. I have two wonderful children and prided myself on the father I was, but I felt all of it slipping away. Everything was effecting everything and I began to spiral out of control. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. I was a shell of the man I used to be, and I was only getting older – with that lingering doom of turning 40. This went on for far too long, I sedated myself with my vices. These vices were all I had at the end of the day as far as my own internal false sense of happiness went.


  • A pack of cigarettes a day
  • 8-12 beers a day wasn’t out of the question
  • Food. Lots of bad food.

I didn’t travel… I had no money to travel. I barely even knew how to get out of the house. I was fearful of the shape I was in. I never wanted to admit to it, but the only exercise I got was walking to and from the car. I thought about getting in better shape, but didn’t have a clue of where to start and no encouragement behind me. The thought of reaching 40, already on anxiety and blood pressure medicine, seemed like a death sentence.

What happened over the next 5-6 years should be turned into a book (and would definitely become a hit movie or HBO special, because there was some crazy ass shit), but I am going to fast forward and sum this up so we can get to the part where I start helping others out there that are suffering like I was.

water obstacle at spartan raceI went through a transformation. I started to discover who I was for the first time. My hobbies, my own tastes, my passions, my love of traveling. I was feeling alive again. I wanted to live. I wanted to see new things. And I wanted to show my kids how to do this too – and I did (they are becoming quite the jet setters and have seen more than most people will in a lifetime). I got remarried to a feisty “go getter” who is filled with wanderlust and opened my eyes to the world. I started reading books that gave me a better sense of who I was. I researched. And I was inspired by my wife. Mixed with my own natural intuitiveness and instincts, I finally pulled everything together and made the biggest move of my transformation… Check mate. To start, we have to focus on 3 overarching goals.

Our goals:

There are 3 primary states we want to reach that translates into feeling great:

  • Happiness – kick depression and anxiety, doing things you like to do
  • High Energy – no longer fear leaving the house or missing out on events with your kids or friends.
  • Health – age well, go for longevity. What you do now will effect what you are years from now. And kick that nicotine.

The how:

To reach these, we will focus on:

  • Diet – taking out inflammatory ingredients and leaning out
  • Stress Management – cortisol management, sleep, and tips on how to deal and natural remedies
  • Exercise – you don’t have to go beat the piss out of yourself 5-6 times a week, just start with a walk.  You may want to advance soon, but don’t rush it.

If you do these 3 things, as I did, you will be successful. The best part, it’s not that freakin’ hard.

Now heres the deal, I just started and need your help too! I am successful at this and feel great, but I am not done by any stretch – not will I ever be.

This site will be dedicated to the how’s of reaching our goals mentioned above.

Let me know if you have questions by using the comments below!

-Adam (follow me on twitter @adamDbrower)

 [This blog will soon grow in content and much of the above items will be linked to as we begin to address everything in detail]