I am not an uneducated evangelist, I am a result.

Next time you are out, just take a minute to look at everyone around you. It won’t take long to realize there are a lot of flippin’ unhealthy folks out there. You might even start to ponder:

  • Why is America so obese?
  • Why do so many people look like they are struggling?
  • Why are there so many pharmaceuticals?
  • Why are doctor’s offices and hospitals getting so busy? They are popping up everywhere, like Subway… hmmm…

wheat productionThese are obviously rhetorical questions that can have many answers, but I think one of the answers can dramatically improve the health in all of us if we are aware of it. It’s wheat. That stuff can mess you up.

I’m not going write a book or scientific paper on this. I only wish to generate awareness (and leave some references at the end). I don’t wish to argue opinions if yours differs, unless you want to go toe to toe stating Greedo shot first. Han wasted him and he didn’t even see it coming. #specialeditionbitterness

Why wheat? Go ahead and Google “what is gluten”. 1st result is not a website but a definition:

glu·ten ˈglo͞otn/ noun
a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with celiac disease.

Gluten sensitivity is on the rise and we are learning that it effects much more than just celiac disease. From what I have come to understand it’s non-digestible protein, an anti-nutrient, that causes intestinal permeability and inflammation. This leads to a whole host of other problems – and you get more susceptible as you age (the whole I’m falling apart at 40 thing). Hogwash? I’d probably be skeptical but I have seen the removal of wheat cure so many diseases through testimonials and I have first hand experience with myself.  I started following the Paleo diet, to lose weight – and this meant 100% gluten free. I am dropping weight like crazy (45 lbs now since April) but a few other amazing things happened that I was not expecting:

  • I have flat feet, bad, and I have developed chronic foot pain. Well, since starting the diet my foot pain is 100% gone. I still have flat feet, but no more inflammation.
  • I thought I was developing a bone spur in my thumb joint. It got so bad, it was hard to write. That joint pain is 100% gone.
  • I have no more gout flairs ups, which I was prone to, and don’t even have the lingering pain from gout.

Now here’s the hard part, which also supports the whole health epidemic we are facing:

More than 90% of the stuff we buy from the grocery store contains some type of wheat product. It seems to have addictive qualities. It’s also an appetite stimulant. We crave it. We want more of it. When we remove it from our diet, we go through withdrawal.
You see the evil circle here? We want it, food companies add more of it, we buy more of it, food companies make more, preferring not to buy the products that don’t have it (subconsciously even). My God… My son, for example, encouraged by my results, decided to go gluten free. The second day was as if he was coming off of heroin. He was a monster. My wife was like, “F*** this, let him eat what ever he wants”. We would have gladly traded him for Geoffrey from Game of Thrones. However, I encouraged him, telling him its his choice, and he stuck through it. It was intense for a minute, but he quickly shed 15 pounds within a couple weeks and he is motivated to get healthy in so many more ways – he feels great. And his acne is amazingly clear. So let’s think. If we are beginning to learn gluten is bad for our health, causes a butt load of diseases, and is addictive, isn’t it looking similar to smoking? Instead of tar in your lungs, your destroying your GI. Its a little sneaky because you can have 1 cigarette and be fine, no immediate affects. You can have 10 and be fine. You can smoke for years and be fine and eventually go into denial that its really not that bad for you.

Try to put yourself in the 60’s – for real – and understand when the government finally came out and said, “OK, smoking is bad…” How many years will it take for this to happen to wheat?

For a lot of folks, gluten exposure can be similar to the affects of smoking, cumulative over time. And where you are more tolerant when young, it does get harder the older you get. I’m convinced when people start getting joint pains, etc, in their 30’s and 40’s that they are actually beginning to suffer their first signs of inflammation.  …and sometimes lack of exercise. There are probably 50 diseases that can be reversed by removing gluten, here are just a few examples:

In closing, we have a lot of issues that need to be cleaned up. Im not saying this is the only problem out there (artificial sweeteners, HFCS) – just a big one. We know our bodies are not meant to drink countless free refills of soda, stuff two Twinkies in our mouth, or grab a king size Snickers at the grocery store check out while we wonder where our life went. We know these are bad. What we don’t know, or most people don’t, is there are things being promoted as “healthy” that is actually hurting us. How many times do you see the term “whole wheat”? That term is now synonymous with making healthy options, but should say something similar like “smoking causes disease”. Wheat Belly Book by Dr. William DavisAgain, I am not steeped enough to go into the technical biochemistry, but hey… we cant freaking know or research every thing we do. Folks, find your trusted resources and do some of your own reading. Make your own conclusions, there is a lot more evidence and testimonials out there than I divulge. Here are a couple quick references that I enjoyed: Link to

Live long and prosper… Spock knew what was up.

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