Fitbit OneMy name is Adam. I am 6’1″. I was 258 pounds. I smoked. And a walk to the mailbox left me gassed.

It was new years eve, 2013. I was 40 years old going into 2014 obese, smoking, beer drinking, and not in shape. I don’t think I ever really been in shape. I was in denial. I didn’t want to make any changes. …And, I did not make a new years resolution. My feisty, yet insanely irresistible, wife started going to a local Crossfit gym in the November. She loved it. She was getting fit, and I was being left behind. There was not a whole lot I wanted to do out of fear of realizing I can’t do much. I didn’t have the confidence that I could do anything physical and not die from it. I was pretty much right…

Fast forward a couple weeks, my spunky wife was headed off to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. This was work related (because she’s awesome like that), but she would tell me all about the gym she was dropping in to for quick workouts and the skiing she would take in during the downtime. Woah! Sounds like a lot of work. I tried skiing before – it wore my butt out!

Fitbit flex So my wife was out with Robert Redford during his intro to the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, getting pics with her faves, like Adrian Grenier, and of course actually jogging to the gym in the freezing cold. She’s always had a yearning to be fit and has those God-gifted genes where she can wake up and do a 10K with no training. Because of her passion to always do something to improve her health and lifestyle, she bought a Fitbit months before. She never really got around to setting it up completely and it laid dormant in a drawer. While she was gone, I guess I was kinda bored without her, I decided to pull the Fitbit out and start using it. Can it really measure how many steps I take or stairs I climb just by wearing it? I am skeptical.

What happened next is magical. I went through the full setup process of the Fitbit and they gave me access to an incredibly designed and user friendly dashboard of MY data! I initially put on the Fitbit (which was the Fitbit One) and could watch the steps count up as I moved around. I looked at the online dashboard and the default goal of steps was 10,000 steps! Impossible? Maybe not. This intrigue was about to transform my life. I wanted to see my steps go up, reach that goal.

Fitbit interactive dashboard

I immediately started parking in the farthest spot of the grocery store parking lot. There was something insanely peaceful about parking far, I didn’t have to hunt and fight for a space. I got a bit of a walk and maybe a couple extra rays of sun (which is far more important than you may know.. another blog). My steps rose from a few hundred to around 3,000. I wanted to go to more stores and park far!

fitbit aria smart scale

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

I spent a week of finding ways to bring up my stats; parking far, running up my own stairs, short walks, getting up at work and taking quick breaks to walk around… I was surprised at what would hike my steps up. I wanted to get closer to that 10K step goal and I ultimately found myself walking around at night inching my way closer to those 10K.

I was mobile. I had forward motion. I was moving and I was motivated. I wanted more. I got the balls to tell my wife, now back from Utah,  I wanted to jog (which was huge for me) to the dog park. The dog park was not far… about 1/3 of a mile. She more than enthusiastically agreed and went with me. We ran and I just really showed my SUCK. I gasped and flailed for air during this short jog, thinking I needed an oxygen tank to survive – it was ROUGH. But I went back out and did it the next day. I was amazed how it got easier each day.

I kept up the running for a few months and my confidence was building. And I was now getting at least 10K steps a day. I quit smoking a month into it. I eventually joined the Crossfit gym my wife was going to April 1st. A couple weeks later, I decided to try this Paleo thing. And a dramatic transformation happened.

My name is Adam. I am 214 pounds and still declining. I am a non-smoker. I seek out outdoor activity to have fun and increase my quality of life.

I hope this inspires you. I am happy to help you  if you have any questions. Just send me an email or comment below. Oh, and I’m going to tip my hat to the Fitbit support team, best support experience ever encountered.


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Things that helped:

Adam Brower before and after losing wieght on Paleo diet