new wife in wedding gown about to sock her new husbandThe Honeymoon Is Over

[Editors note: I wrote this blog because I anticipate many of us will run into the same issues. It’s kind of like a “7 year itch”. The goal of this blog post is to insinuate that to strive for perfection is futile, keep as close as you can, avoid gluten, and things are going to be A-OK. In other words, make good decisions and don’t be so neurotic after your first 30 days.]

I am not happy right now. It’s not you, it’s me. You’ve been there, helped me so much. But… I am the one that strayed.

We will all slip. But what you do next is that defining moment.

I had a very successful first 6 months months on my diet.

  • Arthritis in my thumb completely disappeared
  • My chronic foot pain is non-existent
  • Have not had another gout flare-up, don’t even have the lingering tingles
  • I lost 50 lbs, easy

The first three bullets were on accident. I started Paleo to lose weight, but as I researched more and more, I have come to find it really is the solve almost anything diet. Paleo can help metabolic diseases, inflammation, and a Sandcrawler load of autoimmune diseases. And the best thing, its not a diet owned by someone or patented, so there are no gimmicks, fake magic bullets, etc. – its just a, “Ok, let’s get for real, we know what we should and should not be eating” diet with just a few simple guidelines. And let me add, this diet tastes damn good.

The Analysis

Unfortunately, I have stalled on further weight loss… actually put on 2 pounds while still trying to lose. We are human. We bend like an iPhone 6 Plus. This forced me to reevaluate my diet and what I may be doing wrong to cause these most displeasurable results.  Here is my analysis:

  • The first couple months I was motivated and VERY strict Paleo
  • I probably was ketogenic
  • I had a lot to lose (is that first loss much easier?)
  • I never counted calories and ate quite a bit – and still the weight just peeled off
  • I am getting a little lax on my allowances and maybe even some cheats

What I Am Going To Do About It

So with this, I see a few things I need to tighten up. For me to get to my goal weight of 190 lb. (from 260 lb.), that last 20 lb., I need to focus on:

Create a caloric deficit

I’m still not going to weigh and measure my food, for I think thats a little neurotic and not sustainable. I think many folks fall off diets because they just get so freaking sick of doing that crap. Instead, just be mindful and smart – this is, in fact, a practical and sustainable application of diet for life. No one wants to log their food for the next 50 years. I know my portions are a bit on the larger side and I need to cut them down.

Damn… Don’t take my wine

I cut out all alcohol (for the most part) the first couple months.  But lately, I introduced some back in the the routine and I have really come to love and appreciate red wine for all the right reasons. I am quite knowledgable on wine having originally come from a food blog, going to MANY wine events, and just being subjected to wine being in that “foodie” world (as a hobby. BTW, I hate the word “foodie”, it means “pretentious asshole” to me). My glass of red wine compliments my dinner, it soothing in the evening, and I really just enjoy the complexities. So much, I am a member of the Californian Wine Merchant <– love this. I also like to have a couple nibbles of 90% dark chocolate with a glass on occasion. But at the end of the day, I think I have been enjoying a little too much. Not that I am getting trashed on wine, but alcohol will inhibit weight loss. I think its time to cut it out again… at least until I can make it to maintenance mode.

Sleep more

With school back into full swing, I am back at getting up at 5:20 AM to get the kiddo’s up. This means I can’t be staying up til midnight. Nothing blocks weight loss more than lack of sleep. I must make a commitment to be in bed much earlier. And folks, this is for real… You will not lose weight with inadequate sleep.

And finally….

I have to stop slipping and getting those damn delicious buffalo wings from Pluckers… oh my God, they are so delicious. And their made fresh daily sauces and blue cheese? This is my weakness. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened – and takes me a week or two to recover… sigh. Maybe I can still get the naked tenders, though its just not the same. The little allowances here and there while eating out are definitely hurting me.

we are never ever getting back together because we are never breaking up - crazy meme girl saysIn Summary

We will all slip. And we will all be faced with that choice of; do we spin out of control and lose all we worked for or do we realize our benefits and get right back on that wagon. Unfortunately it seems like so many folks chose the spin out of control method. But for me, I like how I feel healthy and well rested. I like going to work out early in the morning and the motivation it gives me throughout the day. I do not like having one too many and being worthless the next day. I do not like being sedentary and feeling like donkey. I am going to fix my diet, v1.1.

Well, OK, thanks for reading!


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