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My chronic foot pain is 100% gone due to Paleo

I want to make it clear that Paleo is not just a “lose weight” diet. I don’t want to put the misconception out there that Paleo is a fad diet. Nobody owns Paleo like Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach etc. Paleo is your right as a human being to eat what your body was designed to eat. It works to help countless issues because it’s simply giving your body precisely what it needs to function properly.

You were not made, or did you evolve, to eat Twinkies and donuts. Paleo is a natural way of eating, consuming food for which your body was designed.

Paleo improves your health, performance, longevity. You feel better. You can reverse disease. Your energy is increased. AND you can lose weight.

The design of your body is far more complex than most folks want to get into, so I will save most of it for the scientific sites. There are so many hormone responses, digestive responses from your organs, and everything works together in an elegant harmony. That is until you introduce foods that overwork your hormone responses (such as insulin), cause inflammation or induce an autoimmune response. Too many sweets, you become insulin resistant, you become metabolically deranged, and your body is not regulating fat loss. Your intestines become inflamed and you are not digesting anything properly leading to a whole host of other problems. And the list of auto-immune disease that can be reversed by a Paleo diet is quite impressive. To list a few and links to a bit of info:

mountain hike view of nevada falls in yosemite national park

My chronic foot pain and general unhealthy diet does not hold me back anymore. I took this picture just weeks ago.

Here is a perfect example and testimonial on my part. Yes, I initially went Paleo in hopes to lose weight. The results were absolutely stunning and the diet wasn’t that hard. But Paleo improved my quality of life in an unexpected way. Here’s one example, I have flat feet. Very flat feet. I have to go to the podiatrist, have them cast my feet and have custom inserts made for my shoes. It sucks and it’s expensive… and it never really helped that much. This led to chronic foot pain. I often told my wife, “I hate waking up and standing on my own feet”. It was a daily pain I had dealt with and I thought I would always have to deal with.

After a month of Paleo eating, I noticed my feet weren’t hurting as bad. They still hurt a bit so I shrugged it off not really thinking about it. Two months into Paleo, I realized I got lazy and stopped using my shoe inserts over the course of a few weeks. And my feet felt even better!

Over 3 months into Paleo, I have ZERO foot pain. I still have flat feet, but no pain. It was not the flat feet that was causing the pain, it was actually inflammation most likely from a gluten rich diet. For what I thought was pain I would have to deal with for the rest of my life is now 100% gone.

Yes, Paleo will help you lose weight, but that IS NOT what it’s all about. It’s a lifestyle, a commitment – it needs to be a forever thing or it will not last. Paleo is clean eating. Food is fuel for your body, put the wrong fuel in and it will not work properly.

If weight loss is what turns a lot of people on to the Paleo diet, great! Enjoy all the other benefits that come with it as well.


Adam Brower before going Paleo

Non-Paleo Adam

Adam Brower on the Paleo diet

Paleo Adam – fit, active, feeling great