fat adamWhat’s in a year? Everything you want to fit into it. Think life is over? Look at everything I packed into ONE YEAR – and you can do the same. Even making one goal a month could get you moving in the right direction. My first goal was just to start getting 10,000 steps in a day.

As we wind down 2014, I want to share with you what has become the best year of my life. You are never too old to get going, folks. I turned 41 this year and have done more and am more fit than I have ever been in my life. Stop being sedentary and start doing! Learn to enjoy and love life to it’s fullest. I think I packed this year pretty full. Let’s look how I started 2014.

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2014 In Review

January 1: Smoker, weighing in at an obese 260 lbs, suffering chronic foot pain and gout, and I got winded going up stairs.

Health and Fitness Milestones

  • tour de pinkJanuary 19: started wearing a Fitbit (goal: 10,000 steps a day)
  • January 24: Began jogging
  • February 17: QUIT SMOKING
  • February 22: Lost 10 pounds
  • March 22: Warrior Dash
  • April 2: Joined Crossfit
  • April 17: Went Paleo
  • May 19: Spartan Race
  • May 21: Lost 25 pounds
  • September 1: Lost 50 pounds
  • September 14: Tour de Pink 25 mile bike ride
  • September 22: Gym membership and been faithfully strength training almost every weekday
  • December 15: Finished all 250 Robb Wolf Podcasts 😉

spartan race warrior dash

Bucket List

  • March 29: Flew a plane
  • May 10: Baseball game at Great American Ballpark
  • May 11-12: Kings Island and riding The Beast
  • July 2: Visited Facebook and Google headquarters
  • July 2: Baseball game at AT&T Park
  • August 17: Baseball game at Citi Field
  • August 17: Saw Eminem live
  • October 4: Skydiving
  • November 27: Thanksgiving Dinner in Starlight Theatre in the Terlingua ghost town
  • November 28: Prada Marfa
  • December 31: New Years Eve at Gruene Hall with Charlie Robison

prada marfa starlight theatre citi field kings island first time to fly a plane at&t park great american ballpark 1st jump skydiving


  • February 23: Brazos Bend State Park bike ride
  • March 8: Huntsville State Park bike Ride
  • April 5: Nails Creek State Park bike ride
  • April 19: Dinosaur Valley State Park 5 mile hike
  • May 25: Buescher State Park camping trip
  • July 1 – 11:
    • San Francisco
    • Muir Woods National Monument
    • Sonoma Coast
    • Point Reyes National Seashore
    • Yosemite National Park
    • 10 mile round trip hike to Nevada Falls
  • August 14-17: New York City
  • November 27-30: Big Bend National Park, Boquillas Mexico

nails creek state park Boquillas donkeys big bend with ocitillo New York City with empire state building black and white lake in yosemite nevada falls in yosemite half dome in yosemite coit tower on 4th of july with american flag klebb park huntsville statepark brazos bend state park yosemite hike Buescher state park dinosaur valley

Concerts (I love going to live shows)

  • February 1: Skinny Puppy
  • March 15: Battleship Texas 100th Anniversary featuring Robert Earl Keen and Charlie Robison
  • May 9: Cody Canada and the Departed
  • June 21: Charlie Robison
  • July 27: Josh Grider
  • July 29: Counting Crows (front row, center)
  • July 31: Peter Murphy
  • August 1: Fall Out Boy, Paramore,
  • August 17: Eminem, Rihanna
  • August 31: Kiss, Def Leppard
  • December 16: Charlie Robison
  • December 31: Charlie Robison (scheduled)

battleship texas 100th anniversary counting crows 2 charlie robison black and white cody canada skinny puppy Eminem josh grider charlie robison and robyn ludwick

adam browerDecember 21: non-smoker, lost 50 lbs, no sign of foot pain or gout, I can easily run a 5K and am very strong.

2015 resolution: do even more

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Folks, diet and exercise is very important, but having fun is just as important. Be sure to check out my life coaching blogs as well to help improve your quality of life.

Make that resolution, start loading up your calendar. Let me know how it goes for!